Improve your business by utilising strong as metal

3D Printing. Its so good even NASA uses it.

"We have used HyroJet and SLS printing, neither compare to the high quality of the prints from Pro22innovations"

                                                                         Senior Mechanical Engineer

                                                                                                                      Andor Technology

An alternative to CNC machining

3D Printed parts can be strong when using certain materials, however we have the ability to introduce continious fibre strands into the prints. The result is very strong parts suitable as a direct replacement for some metallic components.


The benefit to our customers is being able to receive reliable, high quality prints every time. We combine our knowledge and research into composite printing with your area of expertise to give you a final print that is just what you wanted.

Mould tool 3D Printed in Onyx with a HSHT fibreglass fill to withstand high temperatures and wear

Some of the suitable applications
  • Drill Jigs

  • Soft Jaws


  • Customer Facing Parts

  • End use parts

  • Robotic arms​

  • Tooling

  • Jigs

  • Thermoset moulds

  • Injection mould inserts

Some of our clients that have benefited from our 3D Prints

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  • Z Axis - 100 Micron accuracy

  • X/Y Axis - 125Micron accuracy

  • Build size - 320mm x 132mm x 154mm

  • Print Materials - Nylon or Onyx

  • Continous fibres - Carbon, Fibreglass, Kevlar, High Strength High Temp Fibreglass

Video coutesy of Markforged - Chain Link tensile test to 10Tonne