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Get the prototype you need, when you need it

Getting your product in front of customers as soon as possible is essential to a businesses success. However, lack of resources, expertise or equipment can often make this challenging.
Make use of our Prototyping services today and receive expert help and guidance throughout the process, while remaining within your budget. Our design and 3D Printing capabilities can take you from concept to creation.
An alternative to CNC machining

A previously CNC machinied part now Composite 3D Printed

If your current components, Jigs or Fixtures are machined, you will be all to familiar with long lead times and high costs. Getting what you need, when you need it is often a challenge. 
At Pro22innovations, we make use of composite 3D Printing to offer you an alternative more cost effective solution, without a compromise on quality. Our previous clients have utilised our capabilities and knowledge to successfully reduce lead times, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Find out more about our Composite 3D Printing
Custom Designs
Creativity is in us all, however time and resources can often limit our capabilities.
Creativity is at the heart of what we do at Pro22innovations and we would love to discuss with you any custom projects that you are considering. Using are Mechanical Engineering knowledge, creativity and manufacturing capabilities we want to turn your idea into your reality.
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Custom designed and 3D Printed Trophy's for Larne Motor Club and Harbour bears pre-school

Mechanical Consultancy
We are all experts in our own areas and the key to success is sharing those expertise. 
If you feel our expertise, knowledge and capabilities can assist you with your issue or idea, please get in touch and let's do something amazing.