Improve the efficiency of your manufacturing business

by outsourcing your part or component issues to us.

Obsolete components will no longer be an issue 


At Pro22innovations we have seen first hand the frustrations from our clients when a production line is down and the component cant be sourced. 

You no longer need to set out on the long stress filled journey to get a solution. We take your part issue and utilising our experience and capabilities to provide you with a replacement.

Improve your products and processes today

We take your ideas for process improvement and implement them. At Pro22 we know that sometimes you dont have the resources to act on ideas that will improve your products or processes. 

Dont make do with how things are, instead let us meet with you, discuss and provide you with a professional long term solution to your engineering issues.




How we get you to a solution...


This could be a broken part, a faulty part or an obsolete part - The existing solution either isn't there, is going to take a long time to get or is going to cost a lot of money. 

On the contrary you may have an idea for a part improvement or a detailed drawing that is required - This is going to save money and improve business  

Your problem presented to us..


Using our manufacturing capabilities including 3D Printing and metal fabrication, we will manufacture a solution to your problem. We can 3D print many materials and unique to us is our ability to 3D print parts as strong as metal

We manufacture it


Once we have your part or have seen what you require, the next step is often the creation of a design file. This file is kept on record should you need it in the future. We then use this to manufacture your part and you are one step closer to having your problem solved!

No drawings - No problem


We provide you with a physical solution to your problem. This allows you to get your facility going again or your new process in place.