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A solution for machine downtime and broken components

3D Printed solution for a worn machine component

If your job role is in the area of manufacturing, you know all to well how frustrating it can be when you have a component issue. That familiar scenario when your line goes down, you trace and identify the issue to then realise you don't have a spare part for immediate repair. Your boss is going to be on your case and you need a solution...

Once you have identified a part issue, you may start embarking on an familiar pattern that involves endless searching, phone calls and generally getting no were. This can often take hours if not days and uses up a lot of your important time. While this is all going on other issues around the factory are mounting and you are starting to wander how you will cope with it all.

The good news is with our design and manufacturing capabilities, at Pro22innovations we can take you from problem to solution with minimal hassle. What is even better is that when required, we can usually have the part to you within a day.

How do we do this?

The process for you is very simple and hassle free. We will often need the part from you, if your local to us great, if not we arrange postage of the item to ourselves. Once we have the component that is damaged or not available we can get to work. We reverse engineer the component using CAD and then quite often manufacture the part using 3D printing technology. We have a wide range of materials that we can print including our composite printer. This printer allows us to produce components as strong as metals, often replacing CNC machined components. So if your part is metal, don't assume printing isn't a suitable method. This allows us to create your part faster and more cost effectively than traditional methods. Our experience and engineering knowledge means you can carry on with other duties within your job role, knowing that the issue is being resolved.

At the heart of everything we do is our desire to help people. If we can help you get a better nights sleep knowing your part issue has been resolved, then we are happy. We strive for excellence in both our design and manufacturing and would love to have a chat with you to see how we can help.

Component featured a spring return mechanism





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