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Assembly Jigs - 96% cost saving, 95% lead time reduction

High quality, strong 3D printed Assembly Jigs on our Markforged machine

The traditional method for manufacturing an assembly jig is often to have it CNC machined. Quite often the jigs have to be machined in pieces, before then being assembled. Common lead times for this can vary from 3-6 weeks depending on the urgency.

With the use of additive manufacturing these lead times and costs are significantly reduced. We have been able to help companies reduce jig manufacturing costs by as much as 96% by 3D Printing them on our Markforged machine. In addition to this, we have seen lead times cut from as much as 6 weeks to 1 day.

Design freedom and time savings

The design process for an assembly jig can often be time consuming and restrictive when designing for traditional manufacturing methods. The great benefit of 3D Printing your jig is the ability to design the jig as you imagined and how you see it most suitable for its task. We can guide you with this, answering any questions you may have.

No need for 2D drawings - saving time and money

Another massive time saving element for our customers is that in order for us to 3D Print your jig, we don't need 2D engineering drawings. This is often a very time consuming aspect to traditional manufacturing and one that restricts your team from getting on with other important jobs. Simply send us your model file, saved as an STL and we can print from that. As experienced engineers we can advise you on your print, we don't act just as a printing bureau but rather give our customers advice and guidance throughout.

If you would like to know more on how we could potentially save you time and money please get in touch with us;

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